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Selecting a wheel style is much like selecting the correct wine for a meal. It is a matter of personal taste, but there are some general guidelines to consider. Think about the shape of your vehicle. Some vehicles are very angular with sharp lines. Look for a wheel with the same. Consider also the size of the wheel you will be selecting. This is often not considered and really makes a difference. Most advertisements and display wheels show the product in the largest size available. The 16-inch version of a wheel you saw in 20-inch can look very different. Wheels that have a lip (where the design of the wheel ends inside the barrel of the wheel) often look much better in large sizes. Wheel designs that have the spoke extending all the way to the outer lip (by the tire) still look great in smaller sizes. Selecting a wheel is a matter of personal taste. With so many wheel designs available the options are almost unlimited. Think about the guidelines above, but don’t be afraid to break the rules. CALL AJV at (732) 424-0702 for the best prices on MAG Wheels

Tires are the only parts of your car that touch the ground. So it's nice to know that ours are used by some of the fastest motorsports teams in the world; that we've received more than thirty awards for customer satisfaction; and that when the Space Shuttle touches down, it lands on Michelin tires. But does all this really matter to you? Well, when you're driving on a winding mountain road, making your way home in a heavy rainstorm, or navigating freeway traffic, you can drive with confidence. Your Michelin tires have received the same obsessive engineering, quality-driven production, and hand-inspection that our racecar and Space Shuttle tires received. Call us at (732) 424-0702 for the latest prices on Michelin tires.

You can't survive in the tire business for over 100 years without knowing a little something about tires - and a lot about the people who buy them. We know that there's a whole section of people out there who want to find the best intersection of quality and price. They choose Kelly Tires. AJV can quote you the best prices on Kelly Tires. CALL (732) 424-0702

The Optimo H418 is an H-rated, all-season tire that delivers the perfect balance of comfort and technical performance for today’s touring sports cars and luxury performance sedans. While the solid central rib aids in handling, the high-angle diagonal grooves channel water away from the center. The interlocking shoulder rib ensures flexibility for wet traction and prevents irregular wear without compromising handling. The high kerf density across the tread adds cutting edges that improve grip on snow and ice, making the H418 the perfect choice for all conditions year-round.

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